My greatest motivation is to continue to grow in a way that is true to my initial values

Jordi Rafart is a fashion brand designed for people. His comfort, style and happiness are and have always been at the heart of this project. Feeling and listening is the basis of everything.


Style and beauty, free from sizes

Honestly, I think that everyone has a magnificent appearance.

I think we should dress freely and without complexes, connecting with who we really are and showing ourselves without shame.

Everyone has the right to dress and feel good in the clothes they wear. No matter the age, the body… There are no limits.

How did Jordi Rafart begin?

Since I was a child, it was clear to me that I wanted to dedicate myself to fashion design, and I started to approach my passion when I was 14 years old.

I used to spend the summer months at my grandparents’ apartment on the beach in Tarragona. One June, when we had just arrived, while walking with my grandmother, we came across a design school that was running an intensive course during the month of July. I wanted to sign up, and my family supported me in doing so.

It was there that I learnt to draw and came into contact with the world of fashion for the first time. I went back to do the same course for five years, every July.

I have the best memories of those summers, when I spent the day drawing and creating.

First steps in the Fashion World

After finishing school, I studied Fashion and Textile Design at ESDI (Sabadell).

And when I was finishing my final project, I had the opportunity to work as a designer for the prestigious brand David Valls (whom I consider my creative father). That’s how I moved to live in Igualada.

It was three years of intense learning, which allowed me to open up to the world of fashion.

Nevertheless, I had the dream of creating my own collection. And then, a new opportunity came up: to present myself at the platform for young designers in Madrid (EGO CIBELES

My first collection, Jordi Rafart essence

To get to EGO CIBELES,  I worked on my designs in the evenings  when I finished work for five months. Then at the end of the year I got the news that they hadn’t chosen me to show, but to be in the showroom & market.

At first I was disappointed. And even more when I went to see the fashion shows, and I realized that they had nothing to do with my own designs.

The next day I arrived at the showroom five minutes late, a bit frustrated. The surprise was that a woman was waiting for me at my stand, and she told me that she loved my collection, and she took a dress. After that, another customer came, and another one…

That day I cleared out in the market, and then I understood everything: Jordi Rafart would be a brand for people.

 I would listen to my  customers, I would know their tastes and needs, and I would create the best products for them.

For this reason, what makes me most happy is to continue to grow while maintaining the values that gave birth to the company at the heart of the company.

What values live in Jordi Rafart's items of clothing?


you make it your own and you wear it as you like


Each collection is unique and tells a story.


Each piece is created from the illusion of thinking about the people who will wear it.


to keep fulfilling dreams and growing without losing the essence.


made and finished to detail. All the pieces pass through my hands.


they are free of size, age and gender, for all the people who want to wear them.

These values are shown in:

The softness of the fabrics:

natural and kind to the skin, from Spanish (as a priority) and Italian producers (when it comes to materials that are not found here).

The shopping experience:

proper, attentive. We are here for what you need.

The fall of the items:

one thing that surprises our customers when they get to know the brand for the first time. Our items of clothing fall in such a way that they “do not mark”, but give lightness, elegance and style.

Our items do not wrinkle:

you can take them on a trip and, as soon as you take them out of the suitcase, they will be ready to wear.

The durability of the garments:

we have customers who still carry garments from five years ago, in perfect condition.

The transversality of the design:

I follow the trends, but then I adapt them to what Jordi Rafart is and what my customers are looking for. They are trendy collections, and at the same time free.


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